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Proceedings, Presentations, Documents

Developing an Annual Agenda for the Library. Strategic Planning and Implementation
Online MAHLAP Union List Training for Participating Libraries
Library as Hospitable Environment for Reading, Study and Research Changing Not Just Space But Attitude As Well
Changing the Nature of Library Space Requirement to Meet User and Collection Requirements
Renovating the Library to Enrich its Atmosphere to Attract Users
Increasing Access to Knowledge and Promoting Effective Use of E-Resources
Innovative Strategies and Practices in Library Science: Not Your Same Old Technical Services
Roles of Libraries and Librarians Then and Now: Rethinking the Essence of What We Do
Fight or Flight Librarians Response to Demands of Today
Understanding Accreditation Standards as a Means for Improvement and Excellence
Office Ergonomics : Key to a Safe and Healthy Workplace
STIMULATE: Experiences from the past and inspiration for the future
Digital Library-Enhanced KOHA Integrated Library System)
The New MAHLAP Online Serials Database & Document Delivery Service Project
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